Friday, December 09, 2005

Roundups of the march in HK-babies' festival

The press in Hong Kong were debating the motivation why Anson Chan joined the march on Dec. th recently. And, they also reported that the different reations to comparison between Anson Chan and Aung San Suu Kyi which I first broached in my blog. It seems that democractic camp doesn't like Anson Chan very much. Tt's interesting to observe the progress of political situation in HK. There isn't any absolute accredited political leader in HK, and their political performances are mediocre, but they would rather be the leader themselves.

I interviewed serveral persons who were joining the march on that day.

A pro-Taiwan organization named Confederation of Free League & China Youth-Service League in Hong Kong said, ““Father of China”, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, had told us that people couldn't have their own rights until the country has democracy, yet we are still arguing whether democracy is good and right, or not”. They said that political situation in Hong Kong has retrograded.

Two retirees who took hold of banners calling for universal suffrage said they decided to come to the march from the very beginning. They came there not for themselves, but for the youth. They thought that Donald Tsang's proposal was unreasonable and it would deprive people's human right. Another old marcher also said he came to struggle for his children. A college student said that he and his classmates decided to come to the march from the very beginning as well. He also touched on the ads heavily placed by pro-democracy camp before the march. “The ads just specified the details of the march; I came here not being influenced by them”. A clerk said they decided to come at the early beginning. She also mentioned that most of her friends came to join the demonstration. An elderly retired person who had been standing outside the parade said that he supported the universal suffrage; the reason why he didn’t join the march was because he preferred to look into the process of the whole march. “If I join the march personally, I can not see what happens in the behind of the parade”.

There were lots of prams in the march then. It seemed to be a festival indeed. Babies enjoyed the march, but their parents had a more ponderous mission for Hong Kong's future.

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