Friday, December 02, 2005

Showdown for Democracy Debate in HK

(illustration: the march will begin from Soccer pitches of Victoria Park, Causeway Bay at 3pm on Dec. 4. The terminal point of the march will end at the Government Offices in Central. The march will pass through Causeway Road, Yee Wo Street, Hennessey Road, QueensWay, Queens Road Central, and end at Battery Path.)
Propaganda war on the democratic proposal in Hong Kong went on today. In the wake of TV address by Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Donald Tsang, pan-democratic camps wages more intensified attacks against government's proposal, and called on people to protest by more versatile means.
Today, the 25 pan-democratic legislators placed joint full page ads on the two English daily newspaper (the Standard, South China Morning Post) for the first time. Besides, they also advertised on Apple Daily, Mingpao, Economic Daily News, Economic Journal and Am730(the new free paper in HK) in the full page color. Moreover, the Next Media magazine which is the member of Next Media Group with Apply Daily dispatches spread page insert to call for universal suffrage (it seems that they wish people to hold it to protest then). There were six full page ads to call on people to protest in today's Apple Daily (including Christian church and some democratic organizations of China). What a money competition!
What should be pointed out that Democratic camps has begun to attempt the new means, such as webBlog , Internet live radio and PostcastPeople's Radio Hong Kong-香港人民廣播電臺), video clips (video 2, video 3) and viral marketing.
At the same time, the camps to support government also placed ads, but their voice seems to be weak compared to the opposite side.
Interestingly, the organizer of Dec.4th March declaimed that their base website was attacked by hacker ( I guess the attack might come from mainland if it was real. It is interesting to observe the reactions to the march from mainland people. The behavior of hacker may be one of the strong reactions.

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