Sunday, November 20, 2005

Former top CCP leader,and the motivator of Tiananmen Movement, was commemorated by CCP leaders

The time has spanned the 12am; now it's Nov.20. I have to talk about a person relating to today. It is also the 90th birthday of the former CCP(Chinese Communist Party) General Secretary (1981-1987), and also the his death in April 15, 1989 directly led to the occurrence of Tiananmen Movement then (please see the second pix below, which was taken during the Tiananmen Movement in 1989. Citizens and students in Beijing went to Tiananmen Square to commemorate Hu Yaobang's latest death spontaneously).
I'd like to talk about him, because he made me sense the true society first. Hu Yaobang died on April 15,1989, and CCTV (the only nationwide official TV station in China) broadcasted the obituary. I was in the sixth grade in the elementary school then. I talked to my classmates about his death news. I remembered I said, "the person is a good man, and I almost cry out when I watched the TV news of his death". I don't know why. I was a kid then indeed. However, since then, I knew a lot of things, and I want to know a lot of things, even my personality changed a lot.
The second reason why I'd like to talk about him is because Hu Yaobang was involved in the journalism reform in China from 1978 to 1987.
I once interviewed an elder advertising professional of China in 1998. I clearly remembered that he said it should owe to Hu Yaobang that advertising industry in China could be resumed after "Cultural Revolution"(Hu was the Propaganda Minister then, which took charge of both media and advertising industry). I also once interviewed a famous liberal Chinese journalist a month ago. He said it should owe to Hu Yaobang that China Youth Daily could make good news all the time, and the Chinese people especially college students then could come alive after the collapse of "Gang of Four" .
I looked up the internet in China, to figure out what Chinese netizens think about Hu Yaobang. As of one hour ago, there were 4761 persons who posted comments in on the reports that China commemorated Hu Yaobang's 90th anniversary of birth. Overwhelmingly majority of the comments were to praise Hu Yaobang's feat. Interestingly, Many netizens knew it was Hu Jintao who decided to commemorate Hu Yaobang, so many posts showed that they respect Hu Jintao as Hu Yaobang. A snap pic (the texts in the box) on the right expounds both Hu Jintao and Hu Yaobang are the pillars of China's future. Maybe, president Hu has partly achieved the original goal to improve his awful image in the past years through this controversial event with his peers.

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