Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I was upset and frustrated by somebody

I watched a documentary about 9/11 review on National Geographic Channel tonight (half an hour ago). I was still shocked by the images even if I have watched them as soon as the incident happened. A guy who lives in the same floor with me said he was excited when he heard the news, and the reason why he sit along just in order to watch the Twin Tower collapse again. When he didn't see the end of the documentary, he said angrily, "damn it, how come it (Twin Tower) doesn't collapse yet!" He is a PHD candidate from mainland China. How come Hong Kong government wastes taxpayer's money to support such cold bloody guy!
I have several classmates from mainland. When they heard something critical of China or Chinese government by the foreign students, they aren't happy very much. What they believe is that even if China isn't good enough, but we Chinese can't criticize our own leaders or motherland. What a herd of lost students!
In HK, I got to know a lot of people, who have different backgrounds in terms of culture, knowledge, religion, and ideology. I have s strong sense. Some people, especially ones from mainland China, are deeply influenced by the communism ideology. But they may also talk about the professional ethics. I think they have been contaminated from the bottom of heart, and won't purify themselves. We should respect each other, even if he is a radical communist. That is very important. However, there is somebody who has some power; they can criticize others who have a different faith. I'm very upset and frustrated! When I was a teacher in the university, I told my students they can join in Communist Party as long as they truly believe in it, but not being motivated by some incentives.
HK especially HKU is a very free place compared with mainland China, that's what I mostly cherish. However, HK can't be HK any more, if anybody can be somebody, disregarding if he respects the truth, and human conscience.
In the campus, we only need to respect the facts, truth and morality in the objective way. You can hate George W. Bush, or Hu JinTao, whomever, that's your choice. You need, and have to be cautious about if you breach the bottom line. Unfortunately, many people breach it.
I love HK, but I disdain some rats in HK!

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