Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hearing about Yahoo case organized by HK Legco

A journalist named ShiTao (師濤) in mainland China was sentenced to 10 year prison because he leaked some information about the 15th anniversary of June 4 to an overseas organization. The accusation was leaking state secretes. In this case, the controversy was that Yahoo HK disclosed his personal information to PRC government, and then, Chinese government got him, and arrested him.
A legislator in HK called Emily Lau (劉慧卿-the last pix) and other legislator, such as Albert Cheung (鄭經翰) who are the members of pan-democratic faction organized a hearing for this case. They claimed that Yahoo HK might violate the privacy law of HK, so they invited the commissioner of privacy in HK to testify.
I felt very disappointed with the hearing. Everybody just attended the meeting for the meeting; nothing constructive. Most important, Shi Tao is still in jail, furthermore, has to be there for 10 years.
Yahoo HK didn't appear, and just a written statement said the case was nothing to do with Yahoo HK; it was what Yahoo China did.
The chairman of FCC (Foreign Correspondent Club) in HK, Ilaria Maria Sala, was present, but said few and something meaningless.
I think the reason why such hearing was meaningless is because HK Legco is still a flower vase, in other words, they can't determine anything in HK yet. As Albert Cheung said we weren't American congress, so Yahoo HK dared be absent.
Interestingly enough, the founder of DAB, Tsang Yok Sing (曾鈺成-the third pix), who has been the staunch pro-Beijing politician in HK sit in all along. Why could he be interested in such meeting?

Some references about ShiTao-Yahoo Case
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