Friday, November 11, 2005

the last governor of HK is visiting HK

the last governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten gave speech at HKU.
Actually, I didn't attend his speech, because of a class. So, the picture was taken by my friend. However, interestingly enough, Patten went to our department to be interviewed by the Chief Editor of Standard after his public speech, and said hello to us.
I ever asked my friend what his speech was about. I had a feeling. When everything was related to money, everything would be changed. So did Patten. Patten talked a lot, but he didn't dare criticize the government of both HK and China. Is that gentle reason? I don't think so. We know Mr Patten was ever a radical politician who advocated the so-called true democracy in HK. But now, he is the chancellor of Oxford, which needs donations. And, most important, just as he sold his autographed book in the auditorium, he wants to do business with Chinese making use of his special identity.Posted by Picasa

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